freelance web developer


About me.

I live in Norfolk, Virginia with my wife, our amazing son, and our dog. Although I didn't finish my college degree, I was an English major and spent a lot of time in the creative writing program. I'm a skilled fiction and non-fiction writer and I pride myself on my ability to create content.

I recently partnered up with a good friend and graphic artist to form Firmament Designs. We're open for business so drop us a line if you'd like to hire us to build you a website!


I've been working in cyber security since 2009 and I've been building websites since 2015 when I followed a tutorial out of curiosity. I had been learning to write code to automate some tasks at work and decided I'd like to learn how to build a website. It didn't even take as long as the tutorial for me to fall in love with building websites.

I'm proficient in the basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript stack. I've also started to learn Angular. What I really want to do is deliver on the end product a client wants. Whether that means using a site generator, a framework, or building something from scratch, I can get the job done.